Gabrielle Aplin Takes Ownership Of Her Feelings With Striking Single, “My Mistake” [Q&A]


Photo: Louis Banks

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Sound wisdom from Albert Einstein and the perfect segue into fellow creative power Gabrielle Aplin's latest single. The song is titled "My Mistake" but before you point your finger at any misguided judgment or wrongdoing, the moral of this story is, in fact, about brutal honesty and owning one's feelings. While that seems to be a challenge for many, the appreciation for Gabrielle's powerful and emotionally gripping voice framed within this raw piano ballad is unanimous. 

Before you listen, make sure to read our Q&A with the artist herself, below!

OTW: What sparked the inspiration behind writing "My Mistake"?

GA: I think I was just bored of trying to write happy songs when I didn't feel motivated so wrote about feeling unmotivated!

OTW: Can you take us through the songwriting process from beginning to end?

GA: It was actually so nice. I drove up to (at the time!) a strangers house, with two other people I didn't know. The plan was to just write. And I didn't really feel like I could that day. So I told them that I couldn't, and after what felt like just hanging out and making friends and laughing about our own weird self depreciated and self sabotaging habits we have, my "Mistake" became a song!

OTW: Having recently teamed up with AWAL, what is it about the partnership that you are most excited about?

GA: I'm just really really exited to be an artist right now! To be independent and creative whilst work alongside a great team. I'm loving how there are so many ways to consume music now. So many ways to release music and connect.

OTW: Name the current top 3 songs you hold closest to your heart, whether classics, new songs, whichever you'd say have the most impact on you right now, and why?

GA: Hard question I have more than 3 faves!! Off the top of my head Pink Moon's "Nick Drake;" so warm and cold, creepy and comforting, really honest and precise, but also really vague. I love it! "Teardrop" by Massive Attack just never gets old really! Anything by Joni Mitchell. It changes pretty much daily. Today my favorite is "This Flight Tonight." The lyrics!

OTW: Favorite memory of 2018? What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

GA: Hmmm. I have lots! I really enjoyed my U.S (and a little bit!) Canada tour at the start of the year. Next year I'm hoping to release more of these songs I've written!