Get A Necessary Dose of Soul in Swsh’s “Break The Fall” Live Session [PREMIERE]

Swsh is the dose of soul you didn't know you needed. The singer, songwriter and producer is a shockingly fervent product of Southern California. Relatively fresh to the music scene, Swsh debuted her first EP, Soup, earlier this year and found support from Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist as well as a number one rank in BBC Radio 1Xtra's Top Five EP category. Heated by an individualistic take on style and a refreshing take on R&B, Swsh is back with a live performance of her latest single, "Break The Fall."


Shot by John Chesney, the live session for "Break The Fall" includes the focal point of the fully produced single–Swsh's magnetic vocals. Tight shots of the singer pouring herself into the performance emphasize the unbridled passion that marks her as one to watch. Not needing more than drums, a bass and a piano, the minimalist instrumentation of the video emphasizes Swsh's indulgent vocals, gravelly in texture yet still buttery smooth in delivery. 


Accompanied by Jordan Brooks and Naseem Eskandari, Swsh sits back and snaps at one point, flaunting her ability to keep the song cooking with just her vocals and the beat of the drum. She hits the chorus, singing,

"Though I'll always pick up when you call, you only want me around just to break your fall, I'm leaving. I just really want your night and day."

Swsh has the soulful vocal quality of Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard and late jazz legend Amy Winehouse, yet still manages to set herself apart with her raw energy and powerful presence. Check her out live this spring, headlining a European Tour with additional dates summer of 2019 in Australia.