Get “Caught Up” With Brandon Banks’ Transfixing Release


Brandon Banks decided his STATIC EP was not gonna be the only thing he gave us this year. 2020 had even more in store for the LA based artist as he dropped a surprise double feature Caught Up. How lucky are we?

Described as a sort of "a-side, b-side story" Banks's initial track "Gold" takes us on an electro-R&B journey, terrifically rhythmic and cohesive as his work always is. It's a warning to those who toe the line of becoming all consumed with the glitz and gold of things. While "Iroc" is a softer, more shadowy song. Banks is all the more introspective with lyrics like, "Caught up in a whirlwind of suppression gotta speak what's on my heart," and "But i'm a new gen of an old tribe/ Ancient as the silt in the river nile." 

Check out Caught Up below: