Get Ready To Melt With Gavin Haley's “Waiting For You”


Music insiders would agree that to gain momentum in “the industry," a natural ability combined with practiced skill in performance or songwriting is required. However, perhaps the most important of all is that unquantifiable "special something." 19-year-old Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley owns all of the above in abundance.  

Listening to Haley's latest single, "Waiting For You," makes it clear why he’s risen so quickly in popularity. The track takes us on a spiritual journey, as it draws on his innate talent for emotionally compelling, touching lyricism–his songwriting skills are far beyond his age. The clear and sincere lyrics are paired alongside pared-down production, a combination that emphasizes Haley's artistic ability.

"Waiting For You," follows suit after Haley's debut release of "Fades Away," which has garnered over 500 thousand streams on Spotify upon its release.

Peep the brand new track below and keep up with Gavin Haley here!