Get Your Late Night Dance Party Started With Phantoms’ Debut Self-Titled LP


Rising Los Angeles duo Phantoms have released their debut self titled LP on Casablanca/Republic Records, sending major '70s nightcrawler vibes onto dance floors everywhere. 

What began as an electro-house sound for Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola evolves with pop influences on the LP. While maintaining driving house bass on the album, the duo showcases guest vocals from the likes of Grace Mitchell, Hayley Kiyoko, VÉRITÉ and Harlie imparting a more pop feel on their signature sound.   

Although flattering comparisons to Disclosure float around Phantoms' namesake, the duo blazes a unique trail with influences ranging from the classic groove of Daft Punk to the darker techno of John Talabot, with a dash of Rufus Du Sol-esque vocals to top it all off.

The duo and their playful dance moves star in a new video to celebrate the LP's tenth track, "Pulling Me In," presenting a lighthearted approach to the regrettable late night decision of hooking up with an ex. In the same vein as the rest of the LP, "Pulling Me In" is synth-heaven and tells the tale of an impassioned late night.     

More highlights from the LP include the vibrant standout hit. "Just A Feeling" featuring VÉRITÉ, as well as a spectacular house rendition of the lengendary "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton. 

Stream the album in its entirety below.