Ginette Claudette’s “On To Something” EP Is A Documentary of Self-Discovery


Photo by Jermaine Williams

The search for meaning is a pretty consistent narrative across many people’s lives. Some people are defined by their professions while passion defines others. Ginette is one of these “others.” The native New-Yorker first started singing in school and church as a child. The daughter of a Latin pop star, you could say that she was meant to be in the music business. Even though her mother made Latin music, Ginette was always more drawn towards R&B music. Inspired musically by the likes of J.Lo, TLC, and Aaliyah, Ginette has always wanted to make music that is authentic to her. 

She’s been releasing music consistently over the past eight years but it’s been three years since Ginette’s last EP, All The Way Back. But taking time to learn about herself as a person and as an artist has proved to be very fruitful on her latest EP, On To Something. The nine-song EP anchored by songs such as “Love Me Back”, “True”, and “Flex”, is representative of an artist who knows what she wants. 

Speaking on her new EP, Ginette says: 

On most of the records, I’m having a conversation with myself. Creating this project has been a very therapeutic journey of self-discovery for me as a woman and an artist. On this new project, I start to peel back many layers on a lot of the things I have been self-conscious about for so long and, until now, have held inside,” expresses Ginette Claudette. “For the first time, I am able to unapologetically say what I want, while disregarding the outside pressures that I have faced for so long. I am excited to share it with the world.

It seems as if Ginette has hit her stride and will continue to win over new fans with every release. In the meantime, listen to her EP below and find out if she’s won your over.