girl in red Is the Rainbow Flag Waving Anti-Pop Star of 2019 [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


girl in red's bio is as succinct and delightful as her music. "i'm marie, im 19 years old and from Norway. i write, record and produce everything in my room," types up the rising bedroom pop sensation. Starting the project in 2017, Marie has quickly developed an impressive following with her charmingly sweet bedroom pop that touches upon romantic nostalgia and the worries and joys of young LGBTQ+ love.  

The Norwegian artist released her first official single, "I wanna be your girlfriend," in 2018 and in many ways, it serves as a brilliant encapsulation of the girl in red as an artist. The lo-fi track, which lies comfortably between the realm of blistering indie rock and drifting bedroom pop, is a mesmerizing, straightforward song about wanting to be more than friends with "Hannah." Marie's music illustrates young love, and particularly that of LGBTQ+ individuals, with such a sincere sense of poignancy that it is difficult not to get swept up in the current of the entire affair. Even when the girl in red is not blissfully daydreaming of unrequited love, the same profound youthful sentiments permeate her work.

In "summer depression," Marie's second single, the bedroom artist delivers an incongruously joyous song that illustrates seasonal affective disorder may extend past those winter months. The atypical summer anthem is the serene playing ground for lovers of anti-pop. And speaking on perfectly capturing the spirit of anti-pop, girl in red's debut EP, Chapter 1, is one of the most overlooked albums of 2018. The ethereal five-song EP is the sonic personification of a generation's renewed fascination with the look of super 35mm film, a timeless, implacable feeling with the exuberant social conscious of the modern day. The standout demonstration of this in Chapter 1 is "girls," a love letter to well, loving girls.

The fall of 2018 was arguably the biggest season yet for girl in red, as the rising Norwegian artist released a transcendent double-sided release and opened for clairo. "we fell in love in October / forget her" provided a warm fall tint to girl in red's bedroom musings. The result was a more laidback and bittersweet direction that provided a nice detour before the inevitable and much-anticipated Chapter 2. So, with the girl in red amassing over a million monthly listeners in the span of a single year, what is next for the soon-to-be indie pop sensation? 

Well, a tour supporting Conan Gray across the US for starts, and you can trust us when we say that we will be there swaying along to the sonic daydream that girl in red is conjuring into existence.