Give Yourself Over to Kailee Morgue’s Transfixing New Single, “Siren”


Photo: Jeff Weber

Phoenix-based songstress Kailee Morgue first became a viral sensation following the posting of an unfinished track to Instagram and Twitter. The unfinished song in question was "Medusa," a mesmerizing meditation on a largely misunderstood mythological creature that resulted in a cultlike following and a deal with Republic Records. A promising artist before her debut single was even released, Morgue continues to deliver on that first showing of early promise with her latest single "Siren."

Much like the creature of legend that the song takes its namesake from, Morgue's voice is hypnotic. A dark pop star in the making, every single second of "Siren" draws you deeper and deeper into her beautifully crafted world. Regardless of what lies next in wait, you can't help but want to give yourself over to Morgue's ethereal vocals. Production-wise, the church organ and distant vocals that open the track make it immediately clear that this is not your typical pop song. The spellbinding nature of its opening moments creates an inescapable atmosphere that the rest of "Siren" builds on to brilliant effect.

"Siren" is living proof of why Morgue is such a transfixing pop icon of the coming age. Unconventional, adorned with an ever-growing number of tattoos, fixated on mythology and the occult, and completely captivating, she is an artist who is undeniably true to herself. It is a sentiment that bleeds forth from every inch of "Siren." It is a pop song that feels like it could not have been brought to life by anyone else but Morgue, and if you're not careful, you may just lose yourself in it.

Listen to "Siren" below: