Glowie Enlists Saweetie For An Empowering “Body”

The Icelandic music scene can't contain rising Scandi pop artist Glowie any longer. Her newest tune, "Body," features fiery hip-hop artist Saweetie and carries a relatable message of self-confidence.

"Body" is a sensual sounding tune that focuses on body positivity. Penned by Julia Michaels, the track highlights the inadvertent comparisons we impose upon ourselves. Social media has its ways of affecting how we see ourselves instead of owning our true beauty. To emphasize that message, Saweetie comes in to the tune lulling us lyrics of fantasy and self-love. Having struggled with body issues herself, Glowie noted,

"Most people at some point in their lives feel insecure about their bodies, because someone or something is telling them they're not good enough. We're all comparing ourselves to one another and we're taught that there's only one way to be beautiful. This is something that needs to change and my song 'Body' is my way of helping fight the cause."

"Body" serves as a strong reminder that there's nothing wrong with loving ourselves for who we are. Both Glowie and Saweetie are establishing themselves as true artists here to conquer the music scene. Don't believe us? Check out Saweetie's performance at our Baño Flaco showcase this past month and then try to tell us otherwise.