Go Backstage With The Aces in Their Enthralling ‘Waiting For You’ Tour Preview [VIDEO]


To perfectly encapsulate the resounding joy of belting your heart out on stage or traveling the country over with your best friends is a nigh-insurmountable task. Hell, as anyone who has been disappointed looking back at a slightly too blurry Instagram story they took at a concert can attest to, the most remarkable moments are often those that allude us most easily. Well, The Aces has captured that elusive lightning in a bottle in their enchanting tour video, set to the soundtrack of the song that initially captured our hearts, "Stuck."

Fans familiar with the all-female quartet will notice that "Stuck" is not taken from their acclaimed debut album When My Heart Feels Volcanic, which was released earlier this year, but is the opening track to their 2017 debut EP I Don't Like Being Honest. This video, scored by one of the band's most noteworthy past works, creates a moving portrait of The Aces' journey thus far and the journey to come. 

Captured while on their most recent tour in support of 5 Seconds of Summer, the tour video is an inside look into the lives of one of the world's most promising new bands ahead of their Ones To Watch presented spring headlining tour. Shot through a nostalgic fuzz and switching between color and black and white, the most mundane of moments, like the time The Aces grabbed some food at Whole Foods, takes on the same sentimental quality as playing to a sold-out crowd of thousands. The whole video and the inescapable warm fuzzy feeling it gives you inside harkens back to watching old VHS recordings, albeit if your parents were recording you amidst your rise to stardom.

Watch the tour video below: 

Be sure to catch The Aces on their 'Waiting For You' tour!