Goody Grace Teams Up with G-Eazy for Emotive “Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs”


Photo: Julian Burgeuno

Goody Grace's talent is growing along with his network of impressive features. In the past, he's teamed up with Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood in a stunning video for "Too High," and before that, Grace featured lil aaron on his debut album Infinite.  

Now rolling in from Canada, the singer-songwriter and producer has collaborated with suave hip-hop artist G-Eazy. Their single "Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs" is a ballad of smoky vocals that hypnotize you into listening closer. The simple yet memorable guitar line compliments the resonating voice of Goody Grace along with G-Eazy's effortless feature.

Grace explains,

"'Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs' is a dark, emotional song. It’s definitely at the top of my favorite songs I've written. The track is driven by a haunting electric guitar, and the beat builds as the song goes along. Production was handled by Dylan Brady & myself, and G-Eazy cut his verse at 3 am one night we were together. I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years, so it is super exciting for me to get him on a song like this."

Listen to Goody Grace and G-Eazy new single "Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs."

This moody single is creating all the feels, and you can catch even more of them on Goody Grace's tour with Anne-Marie.