grandson Announces New EP with a Damning Video Aimed at Corrupt Politicians & Corporations


Photo: Ashley Osborn

Music is one of the most powerful forms of protest. This notion of music as protest is readily apparent within grandson's music. The Fueled By Ramen artist makes damning condemnations on the societal and political issues affecting his generation in the form of high-energy and pointed rock songs. Whether that be in tackling this generation's drug problems in "Overdose," taking on Trump and war hawks in "War," or politicians who refused to do anything beyond offering their "thoughts & prayers" following the Parkland shooting. The artist's video accompaniment for "Blood // Water" is yet another politically-charged declaration that pulls no punches.

"Blood // Water" is a protest song that simultaneously tackles issues of environmental pollution, in addition to corrupted politicians and prescription-companies. The accompanying music video, directed by Ride or Cry, amplifies the message through its shocking visual juxtaposition. The video opens comically and innocently enough, with a make-shift PSA that is revealed to be brought to you by Rxx - a play on the commonly used symbol for medical prescriptions. The remainder of the video intercuts scenes of perfect, suburban American life against highly-distorted scenes of environmental pollution caused by the hands of pharmaceutical companies and bought-out politicians. As is to be expected, the end result is revealed to be tragedy for both those guilty and innocent.


"This is the only way I know how to release my anger and frustration with the pervasive recklessness and corruption that seeps into how we treat the environment, how we treat one another and how we treat ourselves."

"Blood // Water" feels as much as a cathartic release as it does a wakeup call. If there is one thing to be taken from grandson's music, it is that we should be as outraged as he is. grandson is making rock and roll protest music that we should not and cannot ignore.

Watch grandson's shocking video for "Blood // Water" below and keep an eye out for his debut EP, a modern tragedy vol. 1, due out June 15: