Greta Van Fleet Announces Debut Album With the Stadium-Ready “Watching Over”


For many, the '70s were thought of and can be seen of as the death rattle of rock and roll. Yet, in 2018, it seems that Greta Van Fleet has given the genre a much-needed injection straight to the heart. The soulful rock band out of Frankenmuth, Michigan creates stadium-ready anthems that feel like they could have been pulled directly out of Led Zeppelin's back catalog. If there is one thing this growing phenomenon can be said to be missing, it's a debut album, which will soon be an issue of the past.

The release of Greta Van Fleet's latest single "Watching Over" also serves as the announcement of the band's highly-anticipated debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army. Due out Oct. 19, the debut will see the Michigan quartet leveraging their impeccable hybrid of rock, soul, and blues to explore themes relating to, "fresh starts, love, integrity, innocence, adventure, diversity and peace, the life cycle and its inherent responsibilities, courage, masked deceptions, revolution, and truth."

"Watching Over," which is the second single from the forthcoming album, preceded by "When The Curtain Falls," is a '70s-style outright jam with an inescapable message. A rock band for the ages, Greta Van Fleet flourish their timeless rock sound with not only psychedelic flourishes but with allusions to the current state of the world. Making references to rising water levels, air pollution, and guiltlessly allowing future generations to bear the brunt of our destruction, "Watching Over" hits all the rights chords thematically and sonically. If "Watching Over" is any indication of what is to come for Greta Van Fleet, then we may just be witnessing the beginning of a rock renaissance.  

Listen to "Watching Over" below and keep an eye out for Anthem of the Peaceful Army due out Oct. 19.

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