Greta Van Fleet’s ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’ Is a Cosmic Journey for Any Generation


Truth be told, as a music critic, or even connoisseur for that matter, I arrived long after the golden age and "death" of larger-than-life rock bands. It is with this perspective that I look upon Greta Van Fleet and their highly-anticipated debut album, Anthem Of the Peaceful Army, as a band and project that makes me, and many of its modern-day fans, nostalgic for a time we have no right being nostalgic for.

Anthem Of The Peaceful Army is a sprawling 11-track run from a band who has harnessed and crystallized the undying power of classic into a striking debut album. Each and every track by the Michigan-originated quartet feels monumentally expansive without ever feeling drawn out. Fittingly so, as Greta Van Fleet's mission was to explore themes as vast as love, diversity and peace, and revolution. It can be felt in the band's global warming-referencing "Watching Over" and the acoustic, heartfelt "The New Day." However, what's most impressive about Anthem Of The Peaceful Army is the way in which of all its magic pieces fit together to create something so universal and cohesive.

Throughout all of its shouting-to-the-heavens vocal runs and wails, impressive guitar drum fills and solos, and hypnotic guitar riffs, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army stands as a singular expression of a band with something to say. Not content to merely emulate the bands that paved a path before them, Greta Van Fleet crafts a cosmic journey that speaks to not only fans of classic rock but a new generation concerned with the current state of affairs. In doing so, they have crafted an anthem that extends from the very outset of Anthem Of The Peaceful Army to its powerful finish. More than just a remarkably impressive debut, Greta Van Fleet has begun a discography that is likely to be as expansive as the timeless bands that inspired them to make music in the first place.

Listen to Anthem Of The Peaceful Army below:

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