Gus Dapperton Is the Film Hero We Need in “World Class Cinema” Video


Photo by Jess Farran

From bedroom dreamer to cinema star, Gus Dapperton has done a number on the music scene. Dapperton has created ingenious and quirky visuals that coincide with his flare for melodrama. “World Class Cinema” is a grandiose ode to wanting to be a film star against other people’s wishes. Dapperton stars as himself eager to jump into the cinematic world he has always dreamed of.

The single encompasses Dapperton’s lively pop signature, while the video showcases his artistic eye. “World Class Cinema” is directed by Dapperton and his longtime collaborator Matthew Dillion Cohen. Together, the duo take the standard music video format and completely transform it into a dreamy cinematic escape. Dapperton inventively portrays several iconic film moments throughout the short film. Dapperton also shows off his signature dance moves, a must for any music video visual. The video even concludes with a memorable appearance by indie breakout actress Bria Vanaite from the acclaimed “The Florida Project.”  

Gus Dapperton is no stranger to viral smash hits. He has been quietly ascending to the forefront of indie pop conversations everywhere with hits like “Prune, You Talk Funny” and “I’m Just Snacking.” Both singles averaging around 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and creating enough buzz to sell out shows worldwide. “World Class Cinema” is no doubt to join the ranks of Dapperton’s triumphs. Luckily, you can see Gus Dapperton in all his quirky aesthetically pleasing glory live as he begins his North American headlining tour.

Watch “World Class Cinema” below and make sure to see Gus Dapperton on tour, shows are selling out fast!