Harry Hudson Runs the New Wild West In “Whenimma” Video


Harry Hudson is a modern day cowboy. The New Jersey native takes the classically rugged archetype and makes it his own, showcasing an emotional side to the stereotypically unfeeling and textbook masculine figure made popular by the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. 

Now based in LA, Hudson is a member of best friend Jaden Smith's MSFTS collective and released his debut album, Yesterday's Tomorrow Night, earlier this year. He's chasing his short film, Can Cowboys Cry with a video for his song, "Whenimma," and it's a blurry documentation of youth–contrasting classically western elements with impassioned portrayals of love and lust. After all, what kind of western film is complete without a steamy love triangle?


The video might be visually outside the scope of the parties most of us are used to attending, but the concept of a wild night with blurry details is universally relatable. Directed by Tom Vatterott, the video shows Hudson and his friends untamed, drinking beer, dancing around a fire and making out on pool tables. They drive out along the countryside in a convertible, a step up from a horse if you ask us, becoming a part of the barren landscape as the night takes them to places they haven't yet discovered. He comments on the video, saying,

"The 'Whenimma' video is an extension of Can Cowboys Cry that gives the audience a new perspective of the world. It has nostalgic feels of a more simple time where life and love are free from the boundaries of growing up."

We caught up with Hudson for an All Eyes On live performance and interview earlier this year, and since then he's only been on the rise. Check out the full video below, as well as all dates for his forthcoming headline tour.