Hazel English’s "Make It Better" Defines Life’s Tug of War


Breezy lo-fi and mellow indie-pop epitomize Hazel English’s new track, “Make It Better.” Reminiscent of the easy-going vibes native to California, the song features silky pop vocals with an indie-rock sway.

The 25-year-old de-stigmatizes an all-too-common crisis and instantly puts us at ease. Sometimes we want two different things at the same time, which is completely natural in a complex world filled with endless options. The conflicted popstress brings this conflict to the surface as she sings, “I want to be seen. Yet I want to be invisible. I want everything. Yet I want nothing at all.”

Based in Oakland, California, Hazel English originally hails from Australia. She released her latest EP Never Going Home in October 2016 via London-based record label House of Anxiety/Marathon Artists. The EP was produced by Jackson Philips, otherwise known in the indie-rock sphere as Day Wave.

With a sound of her own and lyrics relatable to all, it’s clear that English is making a name for herself. Stream the song below and keep up with Hazel English here.