Hear Ryn Weaver's 'Promises' EP

A little background on Ryn Weaver. The L.A.-based singer and producer (born Aryn Wüthrich) managed to wrangle the forces of Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX and Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit) for her first single, “Octahate,” which quickly launched her into an overnight internet sensation. Weaver met Blanco at a party a year ago, setting the wheels in motion, and is now signed to Blanco’s new imprint, Friends Keep Secrets. With the efforts of so many singularly exceptional producers and songwriters supporting her, Weaver’s chance meeting with Blanco has quickly turned into an outlet for a major producer-supergroup to subtly flex its charm over the indie world some more. A listen to Weaver’s new Promises EP reveals superlative pop production filled to bursting with anthemic choruses, gorgeous embellishments (harps likely Angelakos’ touch), emboldened by an undeniable vocal range. It’s no wonder Weaver’s star has taken off with such little promotion. Hear Promises below.