Hiko Momoji & Cara Rain Strike a Perfect Balance in “Feel Better”


Photos: Jordan Mack

While you may not have heard of Hiko Momoji just yet, there's a likely chance you've heard his music. The Los Angeles, by way of London, producer sparked major attention after working on Ones To Watch alumni Khalid's debut album American Teen, having produced "Hopeless," "Let's Go," and the album's title track, "American Teen." Now, the producer is stepping into the spotlight with some meticulously crafted electronic music.

The artist's latest, "Feel Better," is an emotive electronic track that sees Hiko Momoji linking up with vocalist Cara Rain to deliver all the feels. Rain takes no time jumping into the thick of things with the lines, "Rip my heart out cause it's hurting / Why does this world get so lonely? / I feel like the only one who knows me." The quickfire series of somber lyrics immediately paint a picture of "Feel Better" as another well-crafted piece of sadboy electronic music. But "Feel Better" is so much more than that.


The chorus kicks in, backed by twinkling dreamlike production, to flip any preconceived misconceptions on their head. "Feel Better" is a less a song about wallowing in sadness than it is a song about the complexity of emotional balance. Rain simply posits, "If you've never felt bad, how could you feel better?" It's a song that strikes on the notion that yes, life is filled with difficulties and hurdles, but life's struggles are the very thing that allows us to truly appreciate the myriad of positive emotions life brings with it as well. Momoji and Rain exquisitely touch upon the balance that makes life what is, while at the same time finding a perfect balance with one another throughout "Feel Better."

Listen to "Feel Better" below and keep an eye out for Hiko Momoji's debut album, Everything I Love Destroys Me, due out later this year: