Hinds Premieres New Single ‘Chili Town’

Madrid indie rockers Hinds have unveiled a new single off their debut album. Featuring a slowly undulating hook, "Chili Town" is a track born out of lazing in the sun and thinking about serious things. 

Chili Town was born in a friday afternoon.
while drinking sangria we realized that if our songs were battles, we’ll always end up being the injured soldier. then we were like “fuck it dude, why are we always the weak one in our lyrics??? what’s wrong with us???” so yeaaaaahhh we made it! we wrote a winner song! …right?

Wrote the band on their Facebook. Musically, the track is indulgent in all the trappings of lo-fi garage pop; hazy reverb and layered fuzzy vocals, reminiscent of California acts like The Growlers. Hear it above and stay tuned on more from Hinds.