HOAX Channels the Bee Gees with “Grow”

HOAX brings back disco with their most recent single, "Grow." They take us on a time capsule back to the '70s, channelling the Bee Gees. Their upcoming debut album, b?, is based upon the principle of living in a state of "being" instead of "doing." "Grow" expands on that theme, focused on moving past superficial ways of growth to true introspection on what it means to be human. 

"Grow" is beautifully nostalgic, containing an effortless grace that makes you want to groove at Studio 54. That's the best part of HOAX – they continue to drop catchy and melodic tunes that allow you to think and hopefully, grow.  The band expanded on "Grow,"

"To 'Grow' means to reflect on what it means to you to be human; not all the preconceived notions of where your life should go based on others' opinions or based on what's going on around you, but rather, real growth happens when you reflect simply on what is important for you to be human. To 'Grow' means to work every day to be more empathetic and sensitive; listening more instead of talking; being more selfless than selfish. These are the recipes for growth in 'being' - well, mine at least."

HOAX encourages real progression in order to achieve true happiness. They continue to redefine what it means to grow up while simultaneously redefining indie pop.

Return to the '70s with HOAX:

Author: Kayla Hefter
September 28, 2018
 hoax  indie  pop