Hollow Coves’ New EP “Wanderlust” Is Sure to Stoke Your Travel Bug


Hollow Coves' debut EP Wanderlust is a beauty. 

The Brisbane duo have refined their indie-folk vibe to create a mix of songs that perfectly reflects their laid-back, around-the-campfire ethos. The wonderful six-song gem is a beautiful blend of guitars and vocal textures with light drums.

Thematically, Hollow Coves saw travel and the intrepid spirit as their muse for the entirety of the EP. The album was pieced together while the pair–Ryan Henderson and Matt Carnis–lived separately in England and Canada. As the title suggests, Wanderlust is essentially a documentation of the duo's international travel.

Hollow Coves' journey has so far proven to be fruitful. Their breakout single, "The Woods," charted at #1 on THR's Top TV Songs (powered by Shazam) after a remix was featured on CBS drama series Scorpion. Simultaneously, the track has clocked more than one million plays on Soundcloud. It's safe to say the Hollow Coves has a successful future ahead.

Wanderlust kicks off with "Coastline," the most recent single from the EP. The serene guitar picks that start the track emphasize the lyric, "Place I've dreamed of," and transports the listener to a dream-like, far away island.

The second track, "We Will Run," is slightly more upbeat, yet equally brilliant. The duo has hit the nail on the head, as each song flows into the next. 

"Interlude," "Home," and "These Memories" follow suit with Hollow Coves' signature sound: warm, emotional and neatly-packed with imagery of nature and travel.  

Hollow Coves are set to play a headlining tour in support of their latest EP this coming March. 

Stream Wanderlust below: