HONNE Goes Full-Circle on a Wavy Double Feature, “Day 1 ◑/Sometimes ◐”


HONNE has officially arrived in 2018, treating their anxious fans with two new songs to tide them over until their sophomore album arrives. "Day 1 ◑/Sometimes ◐" doubles as the first singles from their new project, serving as a solid glimpse into what it will entail.

The two songs are designed to work together, each with a storyline that pulls from and highlights that of the other. "Day 1 ◑" is an upbeat, summery groove that praises a relationship that has remained true from the beginning, apparent as soon as singer Andy Clutterbuck begins the song with the lyrics "You'll always be my Day one / Day zero when I was no one / I'm nothing by myself, you and no one else."

The band elaborated on the meaning of the song, not only focusing on the lyrics, but also how it represents their new direction:

"'Day 1 ◑' is fundamentally about loyalty, and being with someone right from the beginning. It's the sound of a duo pushing their idiosyncratic sound forward into more confident, beat-driven territory whilst retaining a back-to-basics precision."

Contrasting this joy, however, the B-side "Sometimes ◐," is much more moody and pensive, setting a different tone with lyrics like "Sometimes I'm the worst person / I only know how to hurt." Ambient, hushed sounds serve as the only accompanying music for the first minute, until a fuller soundscape eventually enters and allows the soulful vocals to have their intended effect.

HONNE's impact can be evidenced in the fact that they've amassed over half a billion worldwide streams thus far, as well as several sold out shows on the strength of their 2016 debut album Warm On A Cold Night. The British duo will be hitting several summer festivals in their home country, and will also be bringing their sounds to Chicago in June for the Mamby on the Beach Festival. 

Check out their artist page for more details on HONNE, and look out for more from the tandem as we approach the release of their next full-length.