HONNE Returns to Make You “Just Dance”


HONNE, the electronic soul duo from London, brought new life into the genre with their debut album Warm on a Cold Night. The album blended varying genres with ease–from electronic, soul, R&B, to funk, it felt like nothing was off limits for the sudden newcomers to the scene, and now the genre-blending duo are back at it again with their newest single, "Just Dance."

"Just Dance" is a signature HONNE song in many ways–for one it takes their electronic soul backings and applies it towards an entirely new genre. This time around, HONNE takes on disco with such skill that it is hard to believe that the two are not seasoned veterans in the nu disco scene. Secondly, this is a song that knows exactly what it aims to be from the very start; there are no unnecessarily clever lead-ins or teasing. From start to finish, this is a song that is resolute in its desire to make you "Just Dance," and this is where it succeeds brilliantly.

"Just Dance" exudes everything that a smart, sensual dance song should be. Opening on what very well could be the climax, Andy Clutterbuck's smooth vocals, matching instrumentation and lyricism urging you to forget anything beyond the dance floor, this is a song designed for hazy, carefree nights. If there is a gripe to be had with "Just Dance," it is that we are not currently losing ourselves within it on some far off dance floor at this very moment.   

Listen to "Just Dance" below and keep up with HONNE on Ones To Watch: