Hotel Garuda & Lemaitre Deliver an Out of This World Dance Track in “Dancing On The Moon”


Two of our favorite duos have officially just become one of our favorite quartets. The rapidly rising house and indie pop duo behind Hotel Garuda and the iconic nu-disco duo behind Lemaitre come together in "Dancing On The Moon" for a perfectly cohesive meshing of genres. Hotel Garuda and Lemaitre exhibit an unparalleled level of creative synchronicity, as "Dancing On The Moon" feels like the product of two duos pushing one another to utilize and explore the utmost of one another's respective talent pools and musical instincts. The final result is an irresistible track perfectly at home on any dance floor, regardless of time or setting.

At no point does "Dancing On The Moon" fall prey to the trap of leaning too heavily on either of its collaborators. Lemaitre provides the disco-tinged musical elements that make it a timeless dance number perfectly fit for the grooving and moving clubs, from yesteryear to today, while Hotel Garuda provides the production edge and indie dance elements that make it an explosive festival ready anthem. The way in which this pair of duos leverage one another's strengths is exactly what makes "Dancing On The Moon" such a difficult track to pin down. From the funky instrumentation that has become a staple of Lemaitre's sound to the carefully orchestrated swells leading into grand climaxes that Hotel Garuda excels in, "Dancing On The Moon" simultaneously belongs to dimly lit house parties as much as it does to festival main stages.

All grandiosity aside, one clear fact remains about the fruition of Hotel Garuda and Lemaitre's labor - the pair has created an undeniably addictive dance number. Whether it be Lemaitre's funky instrumentation or Hotel Garuda's knack for adding their ineffable indie pop and dance flair that you fall for, "Dancing On The Moon" is a track well-deserving of its name. Simply put, it's a dance track that delivers an out of this world experience.

Stream "Dancing On The Moon" below and make sure to catch Hotel Garuda on tour, including a stop at Los Angeles' The Fonda Theatre on Nov. 9: