How To Have The Best New Year's Eve


Make resolutions.. Or not.

Whatever floats your boat. It’s good to jot down a few goals for your health, professional and personal life -  as long as you’re not being too wildly unrealistic! (Because come on, resolutions are always broken by mid-January anyways.) 

Regardless of if you made any or not, some good we can all strive for in 2014 is this: Be kinder. Be happy. 

Swag outfit


Photo: MAKA

Whether it’s the dancing shoes, a bow tie, pinstripes, sequins or all of the above - it’s time to bust out whatever outfit and accessories combination it is that makes YOU feel your absolute finest. You’re ringing in the new year, best do it feeling fabulous and looking great.

Good eats

If you're throwing the party, Trader Joes' hors d'oeuvres selection (found in the frozen aisle) is THE way to go, no matter what your budget is. I will swear by those mini mushroom quiches any day. 


Keep it pourin’

Pop the bottles and make sure to have your dearest cocktail - be it touting whiskey, scotch, vodka or your favorite beer or wine - in hand when the clock strikes 12. Personally, we lean towards the bubbly in this scenario - apple cider or champagne for the win!

Smile for the news feed!

There is not a single day in the year when pictures of you partying with your friends will be more socially acceptable on Instagram. That being said, you have our blessing to selfie, hashtag and filter the night away. If you ask us, actual Polaroids really are the only way to go!


Fun things: Not necessary


Photo: Icing designs

Sparklers, bubbles, goofy costume accessories, noisemakers, balloons. You know the deal. 

(Kind of) Necessary: Disco ball 


Because.. well, there is no because. 


A champagne toast

Whether it was good or bad for you, wish 2013 off well when the time comes. Part ways with no hard feelings, and open your heart and mind to the opportunities of 2014. People, let’s emanate good vibes tomorrow, yes?

Absolutely Necessary: Good music

But of course, because no party is complete without it. If you find yourself holding DJ duties at any point during the night, we’ve got you covered with our Ones To Watch Best of 2013 Playlist, which you can stream via SoundCloud below. 

And there you have it - we hope you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve wherever in the world you may be. We’re looking forward to a great next year of sharing new music with you - see you all in 2014!