Hundred Waters Transforms the Piano Ballad to Newfound Depths on “Blanket Me”


2017 has proven itself to be a bountiful year thus far for Hundred Waters and fans alike. The band returned with the stunning Currency EP, which saw them sonically exploring to greater depths the realms of pop and electronica. Hot off the heels of "Particle," Hundred Waters have announced their latest album off OWSLA, Communicating due out September 14–and they've introduced it with a breathtaking first single. 

"Blanket Me" continues the trend of sonic exploration seen on Currency. This should come to no great surprise to those familiar with Hundred Waters - a band who have tackled music with such experimental fervor that they have been known to draw their sounds from Skype calls and the sirens of neighboring police cars. While the soundscape present on "Blanket Me" may not be as abstract as their previous works, it showcases a markedly different sound, as Hundred Waters leads their upcoming album with a highly stirring ballad.

"Blanket Me" opens ethereally in nature as a disembodied voice aimlessly repeats the title words off the track before lead singer Nicole Miglis backed solely by the piano transforms the soundscape into something instantaneously emotive. Nicole's voice powerfully leads the track as allusions actively shift between love and its failings before, as if becoming stuck in an endless loop, Nicole becomes the one repeating the title words of the track. It is at this point in "Blanket Me" that Hundred Waters brilliantly showcase their tendency and ability of transforming standard conventions, as they convert the already poignant piano ballad into something greater. The piano picks up in intensity and speed, the disembodied voice returns, drums steadily come into focus, a wave of heavenly synths appear, and a secondary layer of Nicole's vocals are added, resulting in an extremely and impassioned sense of catharsis. "Blanket Me" may be more straightforward sonically than previous Hundred Waters works, but by no means does it see them losing their ability to dynamically experiment or deliver a track so clear in its touching poignancy.

Listen to "Blanket Me" below and stay up to date with Hundred Waters on Ones To Watch: