HUNNY Gets Real Real In “Colder Parts”

You've always got to love honest and raw lyrics, especially when they come packaged in an infectious alternative rock song. Emerging Southern California sextet HUNNY shared "Colder Parts" on Zane Lowe's World First radio show this morning, unveiling lyrics that feel like a cut to the heart even for unrelated third party listeners:

are you still human under all that glow or am I the only one
chalk it up to bad timing and sticking around
we're trading our worn out hearts now for colder parts
will we end up dancing alone
head over heels for watches & wires
I don't intend on selling my soul
you wanna set my dirty hair on fire
you're gonna stop my hurting
yeah, life's hard
lonely, you're so lonely
need your name on a quarter now…

Better save that one for your next bitter break-up. Regardless, we can't get enough of HUNNY–follow the band here