Iceland’s Vök Brings Us Addictive Electro-Pop Masterpiece “Erase You” [PREMIERE]

From the country that brought us “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, Iceland strikes again with “Erase You” by Vök. “Erase You” is magnetic, a dance anthem that lulls listeners into a dreamy state. Vocalist Margrét Rán flies over the clichés of love lost and delivers an electro-pop fusion that is effortlessly addictive. 

The charm of “Erase You” stems from more than just Rán’s seductive voice and Vök’s playful synths. We are drawn into her lyrics. “You’re always on my mind but you’re crushing it, weighing on my mind all the time when you’re killing this.” Rán creates a narrative that runs through all our minds when we unhealthily fawn over the object of our affection. Her solution: “I’d like to,erase you.” In society today, it’s easy to ghost people by deleting them off of social media and deleting their phone number. But you can never fully erase people; their memory will always linger in some part of your brain. 

Margrét Rán commented on “Erase You,” 

“‘Erase You’ is a song about a person who pushed me off the edge to a point when all I wanted to do was to erase them from my life. The lyrics are a bit naive but really straight forward which was the intention. I co-wrote it with James Earp the co-producer of the album and we had fun writing the song because we could definitely relate to this frustration so we exaggerated the immoral lyrics a bit…”

Ràn may call her lyrics “naive” but I call them a lesson for mankind. The pop-trio announced their second full-length album, In The Dark, which will be released on Feb. 1 through the Nettwerk Music Group. This 11-track compilation, written and recorded by Vök masterminds Margrét Rán and Einar Stef, elaborates more on their pop-sounds. Each song has its own defining theme or character, giving us a visceral experience. Vök collaborated with UK producer, James Earp, who has worked with Bipolar Sunshine, Fickle Friends, and Lewis Capaldi. They hope to keep their fans growing, as Vök currently holds 15 million streams across platforms. “Erase You” is set to be another hit for this fast growing pop-group, guaranteed to help you forget your ex.

Indulge in a first-look at “Erase You” here: