ICYMI: Amy Shark Is Caught in Emotional Conflict in “Don’t Turn Around”


Amy Shark's latest is a song full of seeming contradiction - torn between the past and moving on. The Australian singer-songwriter first found viral success with her contemplative, coming-of-age single "Adore," which has since gone up to rack up over 37-million plays on Spotify alone. Shark has since fanned the flames of anticipation for her long-awaited debut album, Love Monster, with the debut's lead single "I Said Hi." The album's second single "Don't Turn Around" is yet another reason why we simply cannot wait for her full-length debut.

The Amy Shark on display here is not the one we are readily familiar with. Instead, we are introduced to a version of the artist who effortlessly draws from both world of R&B and indie-pop for a track that is equal parts wistful and slow-jam. Shark's trademark guitar skills are still present, especially during a fantastic bridge that provides a perfect sonic personification of a nervous breakdown, but the star is the downtempo electronic production. The atmosphere created in the underlying production gives a mountain of emotional weight to Shark's sentiment of being stuck between the past and the future.


As Shark shared in a statement on the underlying meaning behind "Don't Turn Around,"

“It’s a song that talks about the desire to run into someone you have feelings for, a history with who knows you too well."

It's a song that works on a multitude of levels, from its production to its execution. So, when Shark chants "Don't Turn Around," the immediate assumption is to think of it as a wish placed outward, but, by the end of it all, it feels like a plea to herself. Shark has channeled emotional conflict brilliantly and beautifully.  

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