ICYMI: DUCKWRTH Exemplifies Individualism In Powerfully Unapologetic ‘an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape’


Born out of South Central LA, bold musician and visual artist DUCKWRTH strikes once again with his latest battle cry for individualism on an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape. Chalk full of incredible collaborations with his creative friends, the infectious new mixtape features production from Channel Tres, Alexander Spit, NoMBE, Harlan Silverman, Louis Futon and more.

From the visionary artist himself, DUCKWRTH shared the empowering theme driving his project in the mixtape's description on Soundcloud:

"XTRA UUGLY is about being unapologetically you. Walking in full UUGLY stride, screaming 'No matter what they say, I DO IT anyway!' This is the anthem for your rebellion. Smash the ordinary into pieces, and after that, build your own dreams. Not because you can but because you have to.“

Set against a dramatically lush, orchestral background, second track "UUGLY OVERTURE" reinforces this message as it sets listeners up for everything that's about to hit them throughout the rest of the mixtape. A perfectly comedic, deep-voiced narrator tells DUCKWRTH: "Just because this is a mixtape, don't think that you ain't gotta go hard / I need all the UUGLY / I need all the funk / I need to see cake-bakin', booty-shakin' / There better not be one dry booty in the vicinity after you play this!"

Effortlessly blending an extensive range of musical styles, DUCKWRTH continues to evade easy categorization, calling to mind the artistry of such modern genre-blenders as Anderson .Paak and even Frank Ocean (not a comparison made lightly!). His new mixtape delves beyond the typical realms of hip-hop or rap, playing with such diverse styles as his self-proclaimed funk-wave which underlies all his music, to sampling folk strings on "HELLO GOD," and bringing in straight-up rock on many tracks, particularly the Troi Irons collab "WAKE UP!"

Always pushing artistic boundaries, DUCKWRTH has built a brand that also defies traditional gender norms through his fashion and beyond. Ones To Watch had the chance to gain some personal insight into the creative's mind during a recent Q&A. Following his 2016 I'm UUGLY debut album, the single "BOY" explicitly explores these themes of gender associations and society's differing expectations from boys and girls. With his fashion line, DUCKWRTH hopes to alleviate the uncomfortable gender-centric barriers that stop people from shopping for the clothes they truly want to wear, regardless of being labeled as "men" or "women" apparel. On his last single ahead of the new mixtape drop, "MICHUUL.," the artist honors Michael Jackson as one of his clear inspirations and fellow rule-breaker of societal norms, flexing both fun, hip-hop dance rhythms while also turning on his seductive, soulful R&B charm.

Another standout track from the new mixtape worth mentioning is "BUMMER / 2 BUCKS," an appropriately-timed ode to summer's farewell. Interrupting the building, locked-in vocals which open the track, listeners can't help but chuckle as DUCKWRTH suddenly asks endearingly, "Is that the ice cream truck?"–immediately followed by a recording of the iconic bells that ring through everyone's childhood memories. The second half of the song returns to more mature content, playing on the imagery of ice cream flavors and a tempting love interest.

Also noteworthy is DUCKWRTH's love for freestyling, which started at a young age–his skill is undeniable on the lo-fi, passionate "MANSIONS FREESTYLE." His high-energy rapping is showcased on "TAMAGOTCHI," which received high praise as a single prior to the mixtape's release.

Currently on the road as direct support for Rich Chigga's Come To My Party Tour, and previously opening for Anderson .Paak, DUCKWRTH continues making waves. We're excited to see DUCKWRTH rise to the top of everyone's favorite emerging artists

Stream DUCKWRTH's an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape below and let it keep you grooving through the end of the year: