ICYMI: Get Your “Hopes Up” With nothing,nowhere.'s New Single


Massachusetts based artist nothing,nowhere. has built a career in music while remaining almost completely shrouded in mystery. His past three albums, a mix of heavy hip-hop beats and emo lyrics, blend angsty lyrics with expert production. Known for never showing his face in public appearances and pictures, this secretive solo artist plays very few live shows. Nonetheless, he has accumulated quite an online following.

On July 14, nothing,nowhere. released "Hopes Up." The song features long-time emo legends Dashboard Confessional. The track is a mix of traditional instruments with electronic drums and heavy bass, a perfect representation of nothing,nowhere.'s sound. The song opens with soft guitar with drums; the vocals stay strong throughout and the song builds into a yell in the final chorus.

"Hopes Up" is one of nothing,nowhere.'s most passionate songs. The lyrics in the chorus are about the ups and downs of a relationship– "I'm tired of falling out of love/I'm tired of the rise and fall…I don't want to get my hopes up." The verse lyrics are more intricate and detail the story of an "on again, off again" relationship. 

nothing,nowhere breaks the mold of what emo-rock can be in this new single–the song will satisfy any listener, whether you're a fan of Brand New or Blackbear.

Check out our interview with nothing,nowhere. HERE, and listen to "Hopes Up" below: