ICYMI: Maggie Rogers Produces More Indie-Pop Poetry with “Give A Little”


From a farm girl with an affinity for the banjo to internationally recognized artist, Maggie Rogers has made it pretty far off the beaten path in a year or two. She made headlines in 2016 for leaving Pharrell in awe after playing her song "Alaska" for him in an NYU masterclass. Since then she's accumulated tens of millions of streams on Spotify, received praise from big names in the industry and hit the festival circuit hardcore. Rogers has a refreshingly humble demeanor, one that makes her feel more like a friend than a rising pop star when you listen to her tracks. Her latest single "Give A Little" runs through the same indie pop/folk vein as her previous releases, but has a little more of a funky disco feel.

"Give A Little" is lush with harmonies, which are balanced with crisp drum cuts. Maggie Rogers is the queen of chill indie-pop bangers, and her most recent release is reminiscent of fellow songstresses HAIM in its playful rhythms and inventive background vocals. On that same note, we're just going to go on record now and say that a HAIM x Maggie Rogers collab needs to happen.


"Give A Little" has the masterful writing we've all come to expect from Rogers. It begins with glitchy hums, which come in and out unexpectedly but are helped along by the consistent beat of a drum. The chords at the end of the chorus are layered, slowly getting more and more dissonant yet somehow remain smooth to the ear. Her lyrics are more poetry than anything else, reading

If you would open up your heart
Drop your weapons, drop your guard
Just a little trust is all it takes
Oh, I know that you’ve been around
But hear me now, I’m crying out
Let me be the light upon the lake

Rogers' signature feather-light vocals drift through the background of the track, popping into falsetto notes with the agility of a vocal olympian. The chorus drops into a near disco feel, featuring brisk claps and sitting deep in the pocket. Rogers must spend a lot of energy finding the perfect clap sample, because she has consistently succeeded in producing the umami clap–an incredibly complimentary blend of sharp, dark, smooth and rich. The song ends with a brief angel chorus, which opens up the skies with its breathtakingly heavenly tone.

Maggie Rogers is headed over the pond to the UK in August, but will be back in the United States for shows in September. Until then, let's give a little love to miss Rogers and check out her newest single.