ICYMI: Saweetie + Kehlani Frost the Haters in New “ICY GRL (Bae Mix)” Video

Saweetie. If you hadn't heard the name before, it's an important one to remember. Former USC grad and viral sensation, Saweetie took off last year after filming a freestyle rap in her kitchen titled "#HighMaintenance." After some rewriting and production, that track later became her breakout hit "ICY GRL." 

Saweetie has been on her grind ever since, hitting the stage at Coachella and SXSW, not to mention signing a deal with Warner Bros. The original "ICY GRL" track is now a part of Saweetie's debut album, High Maintenance, which features 9 originals and has gotten Saweetie close to 2 Million monthly Spotify listeners. The "ICY GRL" music video is sitting pretty at over 46 Million views on YouTube alone, and sets the tone for the themes of respect and self-appreciation echoed in the rest of her album. That being said, the "ICY GRL (Bae Mix)" video featuring Kehlani does not disappoint.

In fact, bundle up before watching because it is cold as ice.

Both powerhouse women from the Bay Area, Kehlani and Saweetie make a stunning team in the video–dripping in diamonds, miniscule sunglasses and extravagant clothing. The video opens with Saweetie, relaxing in a fluffy white robe in her penthouse suite and stepping outside to a spectacular view–all the while cradling a puppy. She is soon joined by Kehlani, and the women appear to be recklessly amused by their own dopeness (as they should be) and united by their similarly confident attitudes.

Once the beat drops in, the women appear in lavish outfits and Kehlani takes the first verse, delivering cheeky perfection as always. Saweetie picks it right up where Kehlani left off, donning full length red satin gloves and showing the beat no mercy, dropping one liners with expert precision and flirting innocently with the camera. This kind of performance doesn't go unnoticed, and Saweetie is surely headed to higher and icier places.

Check out Saweetie's debut album and see her live on her So Icy Summer Tour now! You'll wanna get tickets ASAP, after all she is "chargin' by the minute cuz her time is really pricey," and her rate is only going up from here.