ICYMI: Transviolet Doesn’t Hold Back in “Bad Intentions”


Photos: Taylor Lewis

Transviolet doesn't give a fuck about your bad intentions. Their newest single is an alt-pop anthem sure to get stuck in your head and stay there. Since their conception in 2015, Transviolet has gotten major attention with breakout hits like "Girls Your Age" and "The Hamptons." Their newest release shares the same distinct pop sound, but draws different influences.

"I’d been listening to a lot of Beegees, Blondie and The Weeknd, and really wanted to try and write our version of a disco/dance song. We were in the studio with Nathaniel Motte from 30H!3 having the most ridiculous time just writing this song about being too fucked up to care about all the creeps creepin."

"Bad Intentions" is catchy and danceable yet retains a unique energy. Balancing appeal to the masses while not falling into the abyss of similar-sounding mainstream pop music is a difficult feat, and one that Transviolet has always pulled off with grace. They successfully capture a sound angsty enough to make the Weeknd proud, with the soft and emotive vocals we all know and love while still sounding completely original and fresh. That being said, they still pay homage to the iconic bands that came before them with sneaky references. They throw one to The Beatles in "Bad Intentions" with the line "Got me Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Well played.


The dramatic lead up to the chorus of the song creates an expectation of hard belted vocals, but greet the listener instead with a delicate and cascading melody. Lyrically, the song is relatively straightforward, saying "Are you tryna get me drunk? Are you tryna get me high? Are you tryna take me home? I'm just tryna have a good time." This simplicity of the lyrics creates room for the melody and production to shine through and leave a lasting impression.

Transviolet is based in LA, but they're currently on a U.S. tour and are set to hit cities all over the country. Check out their website to grab some tickets before they sell out! Plus, get excited with their Ones To Watch All Eyes On performance below: