ICYMI: UK Artist Scott Quinn Yearns for Love In “From Afar”


If the Harrogate, England vocalist, writer, and electronic producer Scott Quinn isn't on your radar yet, he needs to be. Bursting back onto the scene, he has just dropped his latest swirling, moody single, "From Afar."

Quinn has only released three singles prior, all solid indicators of his self-assured artistic identity we can only hope to hear even more of soon. "From Afar" follows his last single, "Know Me," from February 2017, a track wonderfully reminiscent of SOHN's synth-wave production style on 2013 hit "Bloodflows." The upcoming British talent debuted with "There for You" in January 2016, and then "Delicate" that November.

Showcased on his acoustic Mahogany Session video, as the intensity on Quinn's latest "From Afar" builds, the talented singer-songwriter unleashes impressive Sampha-esque vocals. Watch his intimate, soulful performance below:

The new track "From Afar" was co-produced with Sound of Fractures. Opening with a faux organ intro, Quinn's clear voice rises cleanly to the fore of the mix, like a bright light shining through a foggy soundscape of synths and electronic embellishments. Long, hazy ambient tones echo in the background against a chill but driving, trance-like beat that enters with the chorus.

As if trying to convince himself more than anyone else, Quinn croons on his new track, "We could be lovers from afar / I've missed you so much since we fell apart / And even though our lips will never touch / it doesn't mean I don't still love you as much." The sadness and near-denial of recognizing a long-yearned-for relationship isn't meant to work seeps into every note on "From Afar."

Originally written on piano at his parents' home, the Yorkshire-born artist revealed the reflective thought-process behind his new single:

"'From Afar' is about the turmoil of falling for someone unexpected and knowing that you can’t be together. Sometimes when faced with difficult situations we find ourselves conjuring-up rationalisations that ease the pain but may not necessarily work in practice. In this case it's the idea that we could somehow maintain a relationship, from afar from people's knowledge."

Do yourself a favor and let Scott Quinn's smooth production on "From Afar" wash over you: