Immerse Yourself In Rising Hip-Hop/R&B Artist Teflon Sega's Addicting Sound [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


In our hyper-stream-centric world of music, it takes a lot to turn heads. But when you’ve been scrolling through pages and pages of featured-this and unknown-that, then a beat hits you just right and you get that tingly feeling (you know the one), you know it’s something special. Well, with a voice that takes you up and leaves you hanging on for more, that’s exactly what you’ll find with R&B /hip-hop artist Teflon Sega.

Having first materialized online a few years back, while little is known about who’s behind the enigmatic singer, writer, and producer, there are more reasons than not to get him on your radar immediately. With a wildly addictive discography, his songs carry a hazy, hypnotizing quality that somehow always find a way to pop back into your head even days after listening. Having steadily developed his signature sound while delivering infectious collaborations alongside artists like SAINt JHN and Felix Snow, his versatility continues to grow, ranging from hard-hitting songs like “Satellite” to dance-friendly tracks like “One Night.”

Although Teflon exclusively appears throughout his branding as an ambiguous, pink-clad anime character, his music is all too relatable. Considering he’s grown in leaps and bounds as of late, his debut album Velvet Pill perfectly exemplifies his full potential, while letting fans know they aren’t alone in the highs and lows of life. He shared,

“‘Velvet Pill’ is an album that functions as a memoir in one of the hardest, most uncertain time periods of my life. An era of depression, isolation, social anxiety. I wanted to make my demons relatable. I want people to feel like it’s ok to feel vulnerable, questioning their purpose and their relationships to find their truth.” 

The 10-track offering delivers Teflon Sega in his most refined form. With otherworldly vocals, vulnerable lyrics, impossibly catchy melodies and lush production, we’ve definitely stumbled upon a rising SoundCloud artist that’s here to stay.