Indie-Pop Fans Rejoice! ELEL Releases Debut Album, ‘GEODE’


Nashville band ELEL released their debut album, GEODE, via Mom+Pop Music today, and it's overflowing with indie-pop goodness. The dreamy 11-track album follows in the footsteps of their hits "Animal" and "40 Watt", a sunny track featured in the film "Don't Think Twice", starring Gillian Jacobs and Keegan Michael-Key. 

Flowing seamlessly from start to finish, GEODE opens with a glittery instrumental on "Hello" and takes a psychedelic twist on "When She Walks." They slow things down on "Almost To Memphis", speed them back up with "40 Watt," and close out the album with the choir-inspired "America". 

Band leader Ben Elkins shares about the process behind the album, 

“I wanted GEODE to have life; not just energy but subtlety and consideration between the big musical moments. Initially, I worked up the songs on my own, but when the rest of the band came in to record on it, they brought a dynamic that makes the album breathe with feeling and gives it everything I always wanted it to have.”

With so many feel-good vibes, this album feels like a breath of fresh air, and just in time for the weekend. Stream ELEL's album below and if you find yourself in the Southeast this fall, catch them on tour with Moon Taxi.