Indie Pop Trio half•alive Wins Warehouse Dance Videos with “still feel.” Visual


Half•alive snuck onto the music scene in 2017 with three debut songs that collectively amassed over four million plays on Spotify. "The Fall," "Aawake at Night," and "Tip Toes" are all catchy indie pop songs, heavy on guitar and bass with light and playful vocals over top. Their most recent release, "still feel." is by far the grooviest. The track features relaxed call and response vocals, unexpected rhythmic stops and a chorus that swings hard. This song definitely warrants a dance music video, but boy did half•alive deliver.

The video opens with a harsh yellow color lighting the face of frontman Josh Taylor as he leans against a wall in distress, monologuing his internal anxieties. Then the dancing begins. At first the video is endearing, featuring the trio doing minimal shoulder bops and smile-inducing hip swings. That smile slowly turns to astonishment as the realization hits that these three are all incredibly good dancers, hitting abstract poses and making striking formations–all the while wearing khaki pants and 70s-themed sweaters. After watching this video, we’re convinced there's nothing as thrilling as watching three men dressed in Mr. Rogers garb dancing to an indie pop song.

The color wash on the video lifts right as Taylor belts out a high note and the chorus drops in, revealing the most vivid visuals yet. A circle of dancers dressed in identical outfits join the singer and end the video sitting cross-legged on the ground. This video makes the absolute most of a minimal warehouse space, and leaves the viewer with both a warm feeling and an itch to get up and dance.

Keep a look out for a live half•alive show soon, and queue up their new video for a good time: