Indie Spirit UPSAHL Has a Thing For Guys On “The Other Team”


The rich sonic sound of UPSAHL's newest single, "The Other Team," creates a splendid backdrop for a bubbly story on unrequited love. The 19-year old songstress croons over a boy too good to be true and the reality that he is swinging for the other team. The catchy course reveals UPSAHL's clever storytelling dynamic and is a gleeful precursor to her EP arriving in 2019.

UPSAHL explains why she thinks people will be able to relate to her newest single.

"I wrote 'The Other Team' on the last day of a month-long writing trip. A few minutes into the session, the concept just sort of came to me. Everyone can relate to being into someone that they know they can't have."

Born Taylor Upsahl, UPSAHL started her musical journey learning how to play guitar and piano at only five years old. She graduated from Arizona School for the Arts and went swiftly into the music scene determined to set it ablaze with her indie pop ambition. Her charming lyricism and rhythm for writing enchanting tales set her apart. There's no telling what other modern age love stories UPSAHL will tell but we are sure to check them all out.

Listen to "The Other Team" below: