Inner Wave & Bane’s World Get Romantic and Personal in New Video “Whoa”


LA psych rock band, Inner Wave, is dazzling us with a video highlighting a series of cute photos on their new track with Bane's World, "Whoa."

Using unique blend of synth-wave, Latin beats, hip hop and R&B, "Whoa" is a vibe track that utilizes the unique sounds of Inner Wave and Bane's World. The track is short and sweet, but it plays with a series of vocal effects and interesting samples that sound almost like you're in a new version of Super Mario Bros. But those fun elements only add to the song's master purpose. The groove is steady and simple, leaving room for you to catch the intimate lyrics, like "Somethings are made to last a while / Either stay or watch it go / Keep me in mind when you’re away" and "Dreams of another soul, I’m living a different life."

The video is visually a very sweet romance between Pablo Sotelo and Shane Blanchard, highlighting their memories together in a series of cute photos. From paddle boat rides to getting tattoos, the photos appear during a simple instrumental break, making it easy for the listener to pay attention to the captured memories.

"Whoa" is essentially a tune about finding yourself and reminds us that we never stop discovering who we are. The video compliments that idea that any force, like an event, image, or person, can completely change our outlook on life. With millions of plays and selling out shows across the country, Inner Wave is out to expand your mindset through trippy tunes and multiple musical elements that make them your next band to vibe out to.