INTERVIEW: Bishop Briggs Talks Tunnel Vision, The Creepy Pillow Case, & Upcoming Tour With Kaleo

From major radio stations, to SoundCloud/Spotify, to Coldplay and Kaleo show bills, Bishop Briggs' name seems to be popping up everywhere these days. The young artist hit the limelight with her explosive hit, "River," and has since proved she belongs there with follow-up singles and captivating live performances. 

Hot off the announcement that she'll be accompanying fellow Ones To Watch band, Kaleo on their fall The Handprint Tour, we've invited Briggs to give some insight into the lady behind the breathtaking voice. 

OTW: From a third party perspective, it might seem like you started playing on the radio & selling out venues like the Troubadour out of nowhere… what was really going on behind the scenes before you hit the limelight? 

Bishop: Behind the scenes it was all about movement. It has always been about tunnel vision from day one and putting every ounce of my being into this.

OTW: How do you think growing up in Japan & Hong Kong has affected your taste for aesthetics (whether it be your music, personal style, or inspirations)?

Bishop: For me, it's all I've ever known. Tokyo and Hong Kong are such vibrant places that have this energy that I think, no matter what, gets into your blood.

OTW: Let's talk about what a heavy punch you're packing in "River" - can you share where the lyrics and inspiration from that song came from? Where did the concept for the creepy smiley face pillow case come from?

Bishop: Thank you so much. "River" is all about staring someone in the face and pushing them to their limits - whatever those limits may be. As far as the pillow case that all came from my creepy visionaries, my manager, George Robertson, and the director of my music videos, Jungle George!

OTW: We've heard 3 songs so far and that you're going to be opening for Coldplay & KALEO on tour - what else is in the works for Bishop Briggs? 

Bishop: You can always expect more music from me. It's all about the right timing. I will say that I'm really excited to release what we have so far. As far as tour? Stay tuned.

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list?

Bishop: 1. Coast Modern, 2. Beaty Heart, 3. Albin Lee Meldau  

OTW: Looking forward to your upcoming tour w/ Kaleo? As you play continue to play more shows, what part of the process excites you most?

Bishop: Kaleo truly put emotion into every lyric and melody that they write, so I am honored to be joining them on tour. I'm excited for it all. I couldn’t list something I'm most looking forward to - I’m just so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.