Introducing New Mind Of A Genius Signee KWAYE with “Cool Kids” Video


Little is yet known of KWAYE, but that's all about to change. 

Although the 22-year-old originally hails from Zimbabwe and was raised in London, it's the back seat of an Uber in L.A. that lit the spark for his relationship with Mind of a Genius. Navigating the city while studying abroad at UCLA, KWAYE threw "Cool Kids" on in the car when the driver lent a legendary reaction. Turns out, he was a former A&R executive who tipped MOAG figurehead David Dann off to KWAYE's nostalgic '80s funk sound.

In just a few weeks time, KWAYE became Mind of a Genius' first UK signee, giving the worldly artist a platform for his music. The visual for "Cool Kids" takes on a Zimbabwean flair and matches it with the clean cut, geometric lines of London's infrastructure, mirroring KWAYE's personal style. Beyond his smooth dancing and the aesthetic beauty of each shot, what keeps listeners hooked is his delicate vocals atop the song's synth-pop production. 

Akin to Thundercat's funky production and D'Angelo's soulful voice, "Cool Kids" is a breath of fresh air for the neosoul genre. Watch the video below, and know that KWAYE will be hard to ignore in 2017.