It’s Time to Take Noah Kahan and His “False Confidence” Seriously


Noah Kahan can't seem to stop making great songs. Still hot from the smash hits "Come Down" and "Hurt Somebody," Kahan seamlessly bestows fans yet again with another soon-to-be hit with the single "False Confidence"

The secret to Kahan's success may be that he doesn't take himself too seriously. "False Confidence" is filled with relatable anecdotes about dealing with self esteem and how easy it is to gain and lose it. Kahan's signature voice guides listeners through the folk-pop single as it navigates through "polished doubts and fake sentiments." "False Confidence" is as relevant as ever, as people all over struggle with believing in themselves.

In the beginning of the single, Kahan sings "Don't take yourself so seriously, look at you dressed up for someone you never see." As the single progresses, Kahan's tune to stand firm in his confidence falters until the bridge, where he admits "Why don't you take me seriously; look at me f**ked up, over someone I'll never meet." Noah Kahan expresses the personal plight of how easy it is to tear yourself down and embrace a false confidence.

Noah Kahan's imaginative and beautiful way of expressing emotion can be heard throughout all of his work. He has innate ability to connect to people through his lyrics and music, creating a sound that is all his own that reads like a good book. Maybe that's why at the tender age of 21, he has already captured attention globally; he is already certified double platinum in Australia. His debut EP Hurt Somebody created fascination from listeners and critics alike, warranting the east coast storyteller to headline his first US tour next month.

Noah Kahan's commitment to wit and whimsical honesty is one he has had since his humble beginnings in his tiny hometown of Strafford, Vermont. With only 1,000 residents that call the peaceful countryside home, it’s no wonder the seclusion provoked Kahan's imagination. The idyllic, yet harsh at times, landscape imposed an earnestness that can be found rooted in Kahan's music and perspective.

Noah Kahan reveals more of his music creating perspective.

"I want to focus on the struggles that regular people go through. My music is like a reminder that you don't have to feel alone and there's somebody who understands you. That's what I want to share."

Listen to "False Confidence" Here: