J Appiah Takes an Introspective Look at His Growth on New Song, “Wash” [PREMIERE]

With an ability to engulf listeners with his strong vocal style, J Appiah is an exciting new talent emerging from East London. Exposed to an eclectic array of music as a child, Appiah became sculpted by the sounds of Bob Dylan, James Blake and Stevie Wonder. Elements of these timeless artist can be found throughout his ominous brand of classical soul.

J Appiah's new offering, "Wash," is self-reflective, capturing the perspectives of a father and son. His vocal ability leads the song as an orchestration of synths and subtle kick drums create an ambient space for Appiah to showcase his emotional range. When asked about the song's creation and what it means to him, Appiah shared,

“This record is a conversation between a son and his father, and it's also about spirituality. I wrote this song after a trip to India earlier this year. I came back so inspired by the culture, the colors, sounds, and people, I was just moved to write this song. My dad passed away a few days ago, and I never knew him, but I wrote this song at a period of time when we were trying to get in touch quite a bit after so many years. I guess he knew he was sick and had begun to reflect on life. The chorus of this song is written from his perspective”

This is Appiah's third single coming off the heels of his previous single, "Blinding," released earlier this month. J Appiah's natural ability to evoke emotion with thoughtfully crafted melodies and lyrics is beyond impressive and refreshing. Despite his short list of songs available on DSP's, J Appiah has already peaked our interest into following what the U.K. vocalist will share next. 

Listen to the exclusive new song, "Wash" below: