Jacob Banks - “Be Good To Me” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

"It takes a village to raise a child," so goes the African proverb that is at the heart of Jacob Banks' long-awaited debut album, Village. In his phenomenal debut, the critically-acclaimed, Nigerian-born British songwriter introduces the world to his village. It is a village populated by the diverse musical influences and people that have gone into shaping Banks as an artist whose soulful voice conveys his modernistic approach to music.

It is a unique musical lens that we were honored to showcase atop our rooftop in New York, as we invited Banks to deliver an absolutely moving rendition of "Be Good To Me" from his debut album. And be sure to stick around as we delve into his introspective debut album, the village that shaped him, and what he hopes his music can provide for people.


The genre-bending approach that Banks takes with his music illustrates an artist whose feet stand firmly both in the world of soul and blues as much as they do in modern songwriting and R&B. He is not hoping to bring forth a resurgence in musical traditions of the past but provide something entirely new and unheard. It is a sound informed by the past, shaped by the present, and looking ever-forward. Banks' village is universal in scope.  

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