Jagwar Twin Makes a Promising Entrance With Debut Single, “Loser”


Photo: Fabien Montique

Jagwar Twin has no previously released music, his social media presence is shrouded in mystery, yet he is already establishing himself as an act demanding of your attention. Premiering his debut single "Loser" on Zane Lowe's Beats 1, the song has been out for less than 24 hours, and the excitement surrounding Jagwar Twin already feels palpable.

Roy English, the creative mastermind behind the Jagwar Twin project, found his start met not with the expected celebration of his distinctive vocal styling but with all-too commonplace childhood bullying. Yet, his unique vocal tone, which was a subject of ridicule, would soon come to be one of his greatest strength. Like a diamond strengthened and polished by adversity, English arrives at his debut single "Loser" with the prowess of a well-seasoned veteran. Difficult to place in all the right ways, the blend of alternative influences that comprise "Loser" is an instant classic at first listen.

Backed by a cheerful off-key children's choir that still hits all the right chords and hypnotic '60s-reminiscent guitars riffs, Jagwar Twin tells a refreshingly rare tale of triumph. Celebrating the faults that connect everyone on this planet and throwing to the side the masks people put up, Jagwar Twin makes the term "Loser" feel like a badge of triumph. Thematically, it very much feels like the song we need right now with the world seemingly falling apart. Musically, it feels like the song we needed our whole lives. English shared the following on "Loser,"

"We all walk around with masks on, disguised as what we think the world wants to see. But if everyone was to remove their masks they would come to find that we are all just human underneath; that we are all losers."

With only the one single to date, there's not much that we can say about the future of Jagwar Twin, but one thing is for certain. "Loser" has left us dying for what's next to come.

Listen to "Loser" below: