James Supercave Is Born Anew in the Wondrous “Come Alone”


Photo: Brittany O’Brien

An ever-evolving Los Angles staple, James Supercave is a band that is constantly pushing themselves to explore new sounds and previously unexplored territory. We previously praised the band’s single “Something To Lose” as a much-welcomed departure that explored a lush and varied electronica-leaning soundscape. Now, their latest single to date, “Come Alone” sees the band delving into the world of psychedelic amalgamation of indie pop and rock to wondrous effect.

Led by frontman Joaquin Pastor, the impressive vocal range and flexibility of Supercave are underscored by an animated and diverse undercurrent. From hypnotic guitar riffs to moments of experimental adornments, the picture Supercave paints on “Come Alone” is one that feels unconstrained, bursting forward with life. The odd yet enticing nature of the number speaks directly to the song’s central theme of simply existing in one’s natural state. As Pastor shared,  

“The song speaks directly to a lover, asking them to drop the bullshit and come as they are. Being vulnerable is one of the big lessons you unlearn in this life. Everyone is born vulnerable, seeing things with open eyes and an open mind… it’s not until you grow up that you learn how to play defense, keep your cards to your chest and judge people for what their worth to you. I think my favorite lyric in the tune talks at this, ‘Flash forward, reborn butt-naked. Baby brain seeing things brand new.’”

One trait in particular that can be said of Supercave is their lack of inhibition when it comes to exploring what they can bring to music. While a song directed towards a lover, it is a notion that extends to their own work. With each new piece of Supercave‘s, it feels like we are discovering them again, anew for the first time.

Listen to “Come Alone” below: