Jennifer Lawrence Officially Gets a Song Named After Her

We've seen The Wanted chanting Rihanna's name in "Walks Like Rihanna" and Taylor Swift reminiscing her love in "Tim McGraw." Now it's Jennifer Lawrence's turn. Pop folk band, Nova and the Experience, has just released their music video for their newest single "Jennifer Lawrence" this morning. Although we don't get to see the human form of J-Law in the clip, we do see a cardboard version of her in this suave and playful mid-tempo. The Sydney-based quartet has left a humorous, personal message to the Hunger Games actress, apologizing her for any creepiness that the cardboard may cause. Check it out!

"To the real Jennifer Lawrence: if you happen to read this, sorry we used your name. Was it weird when u found the video? It probably was. I would also be a little creeped out if some random peeps from the other side of the world were singing my name in a song. AND what about that cardboard cutout!?! That shit would be creeeepy if it were of me and I saw it. Did you know you can just buy those things online!?! Crazy. I swear we are not weirdos……..well maybe we are. Anyways, thanks. From N.A.T.E."

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