Jess Connelly Takes You on an Ethereal Trip in Her Video for “On My Way Up”


Jess Connelly has been on a streak as of late. The Manila-based artist recently released her long-awaited, highly-anticipated mixtape JCON. The project, released back in August, features elements of new-age R&B and soul-infused electronic production. Amidst her newly announced US tour with Noodles and a recent performance at The Asian League basketball invitational, Connelly has found time to deliver the third video installment from her debut mixtape.

Her video for "On My Way Up" is an ethereal trip. Engulfed in a euphoric haze, the video centers around Connelly at a photoshoot engaging in a series of eerie activities that mirror the dark electro-soul infused production. The video juxtaposes Connelly's lush vocals with a disorienting shuffle of effects that blur the line between animation and stop-motion photography.

This is Connelly's first offering since the release of her mixtape and is a true testament to her DIY mentality and ability to combine an array of styles both musically and theatrically. Jess Connelly is operating with impunity, inspiring a wave of R&B in the Philippines that is gradually overflowing into the States.

Watch the video for "On My Way Up" below: